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About Us


ARC-BC Provincial Team

  • ARC-BC is funded by the BC Ministry of Education and hosted by the Vancouver School Board via PRCVI. ARC-BC works in consultation and partnership with BC school districts and independent schools, other alternate format producers, and publishers to provide requested materials in a timely manner.

School District Contact

  • Thorough understanding of service delivery in inclusive education
  • Provides information and advice to district personnel on ARC-BC


  • Supporting British Columbia K-12 students who require timely and equal access to curriculum materials in formats that meet their learning needs.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for alternate format materials for students with perceptual disabilities.  This has allowed more students, who previously struggled to read conventional textbooks and novels, to complete their educational programs along with their peers. Before ARC-BC started, educators battled to provide the necessary electronic resources, spending a tremendous amount of time locating them or creating them on their own.  The same conventional print textbook may have been scanned many, many times across the province and very likely would remain with that one educator or, in some cases, have been circulated without observing Canadian Copyright Law.  ARC-BC offers solutions to several of these challenges.  By providing alternate format versions of the standard print materials used in the BC curriculum in a centralized, coordinated and secure manner, BC educators are able to quickly locate and acquire the alternate versions needed, without having to scan and edit the materials while ensuring they adhere to copyright law.

All BC students are entitled to equal and timely access to curriculum materials in formats that meet their learning needs. Our provincial government’s Education Plan recognizes that new technology is changing the way we communicate and connect with each other. The government has made a commitment to helping children gain the literacy skills they need for full participation in society. Some BC students face significant challenges in developing the literacy skills needed to read printed curriculum materials. By providing alternatives to print for these students, we help them participate more effectively in literacy activities and achieve their educational objectives.


The goal of ARC-BC is to provide BC educators with access to high-quality digital and alternate format materials for their students with print or perceptual disabilities in a timely manner.  Production and distribution of the alternate format materials is centrally coordinated and duplication of effort in resource creation greatly reduced.  These activities support equitable and timely access to K-12 curricular resources for students who cannot access standard print materials due to a visual impairment, physical disability or comprehension disability.


ARC-BC collects, produces and distributes high quality digital and alternate format materials for use by students with perceptual disabilities as a service to BC school districts.  Educators in all school districts are able to search this online repository or "digital library" to find and download alternate format resources related to the BC curriculum.

ARC-BC Promotional Poster

Picture shows a thumbnail view of an ARC-BC promotional poster.