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ARC-BC and Independent Schools

Interested in obtaining access to the ARC-BC online repository?

All educators serving students with perceptual disabilities working at Group I and II independent schools or education authorities in British Columbia or the Yukon Territory are eligible to register with ARC-BC. School or program administrators should contact the ARC-BC Program Manager, Adam Wilton, at to begin the registration process. Administrators will be asked to review and acknowledge the ARC-BC Appropriate Use Agreement which sets the parameters for the lawful use of ARC-BC materials under the Copyright Act of Canada.

Once the ARC-BC Appropriate Use Agreement is in place, individual users from the school or program will complete the online training and registration process. Registrants review training videos and complete a short Knowledge Quiz related to the content of the videos. Following the quiz, registrants will complete a user profile. Finally, the completed registration is sent to the ARC-BC Program Manager for review and approval. New users are only approved for schools or programs that have a signed Appropriate Use Agreement in place.

A transcript is available for this video.