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ARC-BC Informational Videos

Thank you for your interest in ARC-BC. This page is intended for current users to refresh their knowledge of ARC-BC.

ARC-BC Introduction & the Copyright Act of Canada

This video contains general information about ARC-BC, and the Copyright Act of Canada (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42).

Types of Files in ARC-BC

More information can be found our Formats page.

Searching for Files in ARC-BC

Downloading Files from ARC-BC

How to use ARC-BC files with various apps/software

ARC-BC App Profiles

SET-BC hosts informational content on how to support student access to ARC-BC learning materials through various applications. These materials are supplemental to the training videos posted above and review is for your information only. Please visit the SET-BC site to learn more about Etexts and Ebooks to Support Student Learning 2018.

ARC-BC Technical Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with any aspect of the ARC-BC platform please contact us by email at

What's Next?

Already know the basics? View our 'App Profiles' to find the best app for your student to use with files from ARC-BC. 

App Profiles

Workshop Opportunities

ARC-BC offers a number of in-person workshops. Check out our 'Workshop Opportunities'' page to find professional learning to promote access to digital content for all learners! 

Workshop Opportunities