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Welcome to the ARC-BC Training page. New and experienced users will find helpful information and tips on searching, downloading, and using learning materials in digital alternate formats from ARC-BC with students with perceptual disabilities. Users can also request additional training via virtual workshops that are tailored to the apps, software, and devices used by students to access digital learning content. 

ARC-BC New User Training

Are you new to ARC-BC? New users can begin the registration process below, where we'll take you through the core training content before creating an ARC-BC profile. 
Photo shows a teacher and a student working on a laptop. Text reads 'Begin Registration'

To begin the registration process, new users must review the core ARC-BC training videos. The topics of these short videos include:

  • ARC-BC Introduction & the Copyright Act of Canada
  • Types of Files in ARC-BC
  • Searching for Files in ARC-BC
  • Downloading Files from ARC-BC

Following these videos, new users complete a short Knowledge Quiz prior to moving onto the next stage of the registration process. 

Begin Your ARC-BC Registration


The ARC-BC Team delivers virtual workshops that are tailored to the apps, software, and devices used by students to access digital content. Check out our workshops page to learn more about our virtual workshops!

The ARC-BC Team offers live virtual workshops on demand! These workshops cover a range of topics related to access to learning materials in digital content for all students. Four workshops are currently available:

  • ARC-BC Fundamentals
  • ARC-BC in Your Classroom
  • Designing for Inclusion: Creating Accessible Educational Materials for All Learners
  • WCAG 4 K-12:Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Online Learning
Photo shows a top down view of hand drawn internet related icons. Several people's hands and a laptop are sitting atop the drawings. Text reads: Web Accessibility.

Learn more about ARC-BC Workshops

App Profiles: Apps to use ARC-BC Files

Already know the basics? View our 'App Profiles' to find the best app for your student to use with files from ARC-BC.
Photo shows a young girl wearing headphones sitting in front of a laptop. Text reads 'App Profiles'.

App profiles provide recommendations from the ARC-BC Team for the best reading apps for a student's unique access profile. Each app profile outlines options for visual, auditory, and tactile interaction. These profiles:

  • Feature short instructional videos that highlights features and strategies for using the app with learners.
  • Cover apps for most common operating systems in K-12: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Provide recommendations for apps to access files in the four most popular formats in the ARC-BC repository: PDF, DOCX, EPUB, and KES.

Visit the ARC-BC App Profiles