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ClaroPDF (Android)

ClaroPDF is a simple reading app for Android. It supports pdf files and has features that meet some student needs.

ClaroPDF is a free app available on the Google Play Store

Sensory Access Features

Visual Interaction

  • Synchronized sentence highlighting to audio reading
  • View files in original layout¬†
  • Adjust zoom preference

Auditory Interaction

  • Have text read aloud in a variety of built-in voices
  • Set preferred voice

 Tactile Interaction

  • Pinch zoom text and graphics to adjust

Learning Features

Reference Tools

  • Define or search the web for a selected word or phrase

Organizational Tools

  • Thumbnail or index view helps to navigate directly to a page
  • Find in Document feature to search for specific term helps to navigate directly to search term.
  • Ability to start reading from the last location in document