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Apple Books (macOS)

Apple Books is an ebook reader that comes installed on Mac computers. Apple Books is designed to work with EPUB files. Using accessibility settings in macOS, Apple Books supports text to speech, highlighting and note-taking, and the VoiceOver screen reader.

Sensory Access Features

Visual Interaction

  • Adjust font type, size, and spacing
  • Adjust background colour
  • Sentence highlighting of text being read (using Apple’s accessibility features)

Auditory Interaction

  • Have text read aloud when using Apple accessibility features
  • Compatible with the VoiceOver screen reader

Tactile Interaction

  • Read text in braille when used with VoiceOver and a refreshable braille display

Learning Features

Text Highlighting and Note-Taking

  • Word and sentence highlighting as text is read (using iOS accessibility features)
  • Add text highlights, notes, and bookmarks

Reference Tools

  • Add a variety of dictionaries, including non-English dictionaries
  • Define or search the web for a selected word or phrase


  • Ability to start reading from last location in document
  • Ability to organize files by read/unread status, file type, and customized collections (themes/subjects)