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Kurzweil 3000 (Windows)

Kurzweil 3000 is an application for Windows. It supports a variety of formats and has features that meet a wide variety of student needs. More information about how to purchase Kurzweil 3000 can be found at Kurzweil Education.

Sensory Access Features

Visual Interaction

  • Adjust font type, size, colour, and spacing
  • Adjust highlight colour, style, and scrolling
  • Synchronized word, line or paragraph highlighting to audio reading
  • Minimize user interface buttons and controls while reading
  • See files in original layout
  • Set and select preferred zoom level
  • Customize toolbars for accessing commonly used tools

Auditory Interaction

  • Have text read aloud in a variety of built-in voices
  • Set preferred voice and speed
  • Adjust word pronunciation (correct mispronunciations)
  • Have a selected word pronounced (even if not using other auditory features)
  • Generate and export an audio file in .mp3 or .wav formats
  • Built-in web browser reader extension for reading websites

Tactile Interaction

  • Read text in braille when used with NVDA and JAWS and a refreshable braille display
  • Keyboard shortcuts built-in for reading features and general functions

Learning Features

Text Highlighting and Note-Taking

  • Word and line highlighting as text is read
  • Add text highlights, notes, and bookmarks
  • Export highlighted text to save in a separate file
  • Ability to edit files (plain text files only)

Reference Tools

  • A variety of English dictionaries are included, including a picture and talking dictionary
  • Word prediction
  • Spell check


  • Ability to organize files by folders
  • Graphic organizer to support the writing process
  • Writing templates