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A wide variety of support resources are available to those school districts, users, and partners interested in acquiring more information about ARC-BC and how to access its alternate format collection.

ARC-BC Support Resources are organized into several modules and include:

  • general presentations and FAQs  on ARC-BC, alternate formats and copyright
  • information for school districts interested in joining ARC-BC
  • tutorials and demonstrations on how to register for, search and contribute to the ARC-BC collection
  • information on ARC-BC policies, alternate format production, and technical requirements

ARC-BC Training Modules

1 ARC-BC Introduction

This module contains general information about ARC-BC, how it has developed since its start in Spring 2007, how it began as a Pilot Project which helped shape the ARC repository a collection available to all BC school districts. You’ll also learn about ARC-BC resources and the types of resources available.

2 ARC-BC and the Canadian Copyright Act (CCA)

This module contains important information on the Canadian Copyright Act (CCA) and alternate format materials’ including why it is important to understand the legislation, what the CCA states regarding alternate format materials and what impact the CCA has on the creation, acquisition, and use of these materials.

3 ARC-BC Registration

This module contains information about registering for ARC-BC including who is eligible for registration, how to submit a registration request, and how to manage your user profile once registration is approved.

4 ARC-BC District Contacts

This module contains information for ARC-BC District Contacts including approving user registration requests and managing your district profile and user list.

5 ARC-BC Contributing to the Collection

This module contains information on contributing alternate format materials to the ARC-BC collection including the process for submitting alternate format materials, and the process for improving and resubmitting materials.

6 ARC-BC Trouble Shooting

This module contains information about the technical requirements for accessing and using the ARC-BC repository.

7 ARC-BC Searching the Collection

This module contains information on searching the ARC-BC alternate format collection including performing simple and advanced searches, Main Library and Community search results, and downloading one or more files.

8 ARC-BC Alternate Devices and ARC-BC Files

This module contains information on ARC-BC files and their use with alternate devices such as the iPad.

ARC-BC Technical Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with any aspect of ARC-BC (searching or contributing to the collection), please contact us by email ( or by phone 604-264-5052).

Note: Reminder for Kurzweil 3000 v.4 Mac users!

If you are experiencing error messages when trying to open .kes files from ARC-BC it is likely because you have not patched to the latest version. Updates are available through the Kurzweil website. If you have any questions, please contact us at

ARC-BC General Inquiries

If you have any other general inquiries, please contact us by email at