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Accessible Resource Centre - British Columbia

Virtual Learning in 2020-2021

Reminder to all users

The Copyright Act of Canada limits access to ARC-BC materials to students with perceptual disabilities. Even in these unprecedented times it is a breach of copyright law to share ARC-BC materials with students without perceptual disabilities.

Providing Alternate Format Materials to BC Educators to Promote Access to Learning for Students with Perceptual Disabilities

The Accessible Resource Centre - British Columbia is a BC Ministry of Education funded response to the growing demand for digital accessible format alternatives to hard-copy print learning materials. The goal of ARC-BC is to provide BC students with perceptual (or print) disabilities and their educational teams with high quality digital alternate format materials that align with British Columbia's K-12 curriculum.

Is ARC-BC for my student?

ARC-BC materials are produced in accordance with Section 32 of the Copyright Act of Canada on behalf of students with perceptual (or print) disabilities. A perceptual (or print) disability results in significant difficulties seeing, holding, or understanding a work in its original format and generally encompasses:

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Current News

ARC-BC News - September 2020

We hope you had an enjoyable and safe summer and that this exceptional first week of school is off to a good start. In addition to our regular updates at the start of the school year, we've been working hard over the last several months on new features to ARC-BC service delivery - making it easier to find the titles/formats your students need and expanded recommendations for how to use these files:

Improvements to Search Interface and Algorithm

Significant upgrades to the search interface and algorithm are now live on the ARC-BC site. Users can now enjoy more responsive quick searching that prioritizes matching results in titles, keywords, and author names. Users can also use the new interface to easily apply multiple filters to narrow search results. 

Updates to Recommended App Profiles

In 2019-2020, the ARC-BC team introduced our Recommended App Profiles. These profiles feature apps that have been tested extensively by our team to ensure that each works well with ARC-BC materials. Each profile has been upgraded with an instructional video that highlight app features that are relevant to educators using these apps with students. 

Increased Production of EPUB Format

Of the digital alternate formats produced by ARC-BC, EPUB has perhaps the best potential to maximize both accessibility and the overall quality of the user experience for students. In 2019-2020, user downloads of titles in EPUB format increased by 112% over the previous year. Further, the ARC-BC team produced 46 new titles in EPUB format - up significantly from the 9 titles produced in the previous year. We're working to continually build our production capacity - currently producing novels and primary/intermediate level non-fiction titles in EPUB.