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Adobe Reader (Windows)

Acrobat Reader DC is an application for Windows. It supports the PDF format and has features that meet some student needs to support reading. More information about how to download Acrobat Reader DC can be found at Adobe.

Sensory Access Features

Visual Interaction

  • See files in original layout
  • Reflow text into a single column for simplified viewing
  • Adjust zoom preference
  • Adjust colour for text and background to enhance contrast
  • Minimize user interface while reading
  • Set and select preferred zoom level

Auditory Interaction

  • Have text read aloud in a variety of built-in voices
  • Set preferred voice and speed
  • Option to read entire page or blocks of text.

Tactile Interaction

  • Read text in braille when used with NVDA and JAWS and a refreshable braille display
  • Keyboard shortcuts built-in for reading features

Learning Features

Text Highlighting and Note-Taking

  • Add highlights to text passages, notes, and bookmarks


  • Ability to organize files by folders
  • Thumbnail view or index view helps to navigate directly to a page
  • Find in Document feature to search for specific term helps to navigate directly to search term.